Westvlees is a family business owned by the Claeys family in which a few executives and two agricultural holding companies own minority stakes. Westvlees slaughters about 22.000 pigs a week and produce 95.000 tonnes of meat a year, making the company the unrivaled pig expert in the meat industry. The company is known all over Europe as it owns state-of-the-art machinery that allows it to meet its clients’ demands quickly and to deliver quality products.

Westvlees Mission

Based on a fundamental focus on the consumer, developing “win-win” relationships within the total food chain to be able to offer a healthy solution for any dining occasion. With well-trained people, strengthening the company’s position on its home markets in a cost-effective manner thanks to a passionate organisation with care for the environment and safety.

Westvlees invests continuously in quality and food safety. This results in the highest level of standards: IFS (International Food Standard) higher level, a validated self-checking for the entire site, Certus recognized. Also Lavameat meets those high standards with BRC (British Retail Consortium) Level A.

From pig to prepacked meat
Consumers these days demand more as far as food safety is concerned. Products must be affordable, must taste good, be easy to prepare and healthy. In order to maintain a continuous quality system, various organisational, technical and administrative aspects of the production processes need to be monitored and managed as efficiently as possible – taking into account customers’ needs as well as product safety. Westvlees has long been aware of this issue and the company has implemented a number of safeguards.

Bulk meat
Westvlees commercialises every part of the pig. Each market section gets a selection of different products. The offer depends on bulk or ready-to-cook products. Westvlees is capable of complying with customer’s demands thanks to its diversity of different cuts and quality ranking. The Belgian landrace is synonymous with lean and tender pork. We produce carcasses in various classes and use various cutting codes. The meat originates from our own abattoir. Our products can be fresh, frozen, bulk, packed or vacuum-packed.

Pre-packed meat
Years of extensive research at Westvlees have led to the creation of a number of convenience products: portioned products, fresh meats in consumer packaging, ready-to-use products, barbecue products and frozen convenience products in business-to-business packaging. The high quality of the company’s customer-oriented service guarantees the success of these fine, exclusively prepared products.

Frozen meat
Westvlees has a freezing capacity of more than 2.000.000 kg. The freezing of fresh meat is a specialized trade; particularly when it involves the finest meat for the Far East. Westvlees has vast experience in freezing down pork and meets all high demands.