Aaylex Group is a privately owned Romanian corporate conglomerate, consisting mainly of three business units: AVICOLA Buzau, AAYLEX Prod and AAYLEX Distribution.
In its present business structure, the Group has been a leading supplier of poultry products for over 20 years, although through AVICOLA Buzau, its expertise in the field could be traced back to 1982.
Built on years of poultry know-how and a continuous commitment to endless improvements in areas of food quality, safety and taste, Aaylex integrated all poultry production activities under one umbrella, to ensure the achievement of successful results, trough management and scrutiny of production at all levels.

Product Quality
We are proud of the quality of the meat we deliver to our customers and this represents one of the top interests in our business processes.

Main types of packaging consist in trays, bags and bulk. Secondary packaging is also provided.
According to our clients’ needs we carefully choose the right packaging type by combining different weights, sizes and materials.

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