This policy covers personally identifiable information collected by STELMA MEAT AGENCIES S.A. (as of now referred to as “STELMA”) on its servers in relation to its internet site visitors (as of now referred to as “users”).

– Purpose of the collection of private information
– What is a cookie?
– Provision of Information
– Underage user

Purpose of the collection of private information

During your visit to the STELMA website pages and your subscription to its services it is possible that you will be requested to indicate your personal (name, profession, e-mail, date of birth, etc.), in order to activate the according services (newsletters, competitions, chats etc.) for your account and to ensure that STELMA can contact you for further information regarding its products and services. Please note that STELMA does not preserve an accessible public catalogue with emails of its subscribers. Hence, any personal data (such as usernames, etc.) that appear in any of the STELMA website are solely designated for ensuring the operation of the according service and their use from any third party is not allowed, without prior reservation of the clauses abiding to the in effect Law 2472/97 on personal data seclusion. STELMA acts according to the legislation in effect and targets the optimal practice of it as far as the internet is concerned. Your personal data are preserved securely for any time you are subscribed to any of STELMA’s services and are deleted after the termination of this exchange with STELMA. Regarding the data of people who are note yet subscribed to some service, however they have participated in any given time to other on-line activities, (such as competitions), their data are preserved for any required time period in order to ensure the correct implementation of the specific activity. The personal data that you give out to STELMA are used exclusively by the company and its affiliates, in order to support, promote and implement the given transactional relationship or for statistical purposes. Recipients of the data may be companies that may act as mediators for the promotion, support, and provision of the transactional relationship. Archive data may also be announced to the relevant judicatory, police, and other public precepts following a legal request and according to the legal clauses in effect. Within the framework of the legislation on privacy and communications, the User has the right to be informed and to pose an objection as stated in clauses 11 to 13 of the Law 2472/1997 in effect for personal data.

During any of your visits to the STELMA website, the pages that you see, along with the cookies that may include, are uploaded in you computer. Cookies are word-files through which STELMA’s webserver identifies your computer. Cookies record only the areas of the site that the specific computer has visited and the amount of time spent in that areas. The user has the possibility at any given time to control his/her computer in order to accept cookies, to be notified whe a cookie is issued, or to reject the cookie installation. In case that you have not set your computer to reject cookies, you may browse the STELMA website anonymously, until you subscribe to one of its services.

Provision of Information

From time to time we will provide you information for other products and services of STELMA to which you may subscribe to and utilize. We will offer you as well the opportunity to participate in researches conducted by STELMA or its cooperation companies that examine the effectiveness and sound of the provided services.

Underage users

Underage users must prior have their guardians/parents consent in any case they provide personal information in the website of STELMA.