Chris Hogeslag B.V. is a family owned company, active and experienced in the meat industry for over 40 years, specialized in processing beef. The company provides a large standard range of meat products and has its own production plant and office in Holten, situated in the east part of the Netherlands.

Chris Hogeslag B.V. customers include supermarkets, butchers and meat processing industries in the Netherlands and Europe.

In the Netherlands the company provides its own transport services, enabling to deliver within 24 hours. In case there is a need of use of service of an external transport company, Chris Hogeslag B.V. cooperates with HACCP certified companies

Chris Hogeslag B.V. works in line with the quality assurance system HACCP This will provide the customer the assurance that the products of Chris Hogeslag B.V. in conformity with the strictest national and international quality requirements.

The philosophy is clear: Hogeslag makes it possible!