Who We Are

Since STELMA’s establishment in 1998, the company’s main activity has been the provision of specialized services in the fresh and frozen meat market in Greece and the rest of the European Union.

In the course of time, as the company’s position in the market consolidated, and knowledge and experience was accumulated, STELMA IT & FOOD AGENCIES SA has reached to a point where is currently aknowledged as one of the leading meat brokers of the meat distribution sector in Greece.

At STELMA IT & FOOD AGENCIES SA we believe in:

  • Hard work, in order to always meet our clientele’s needs and provide them with high quality services
  • Innovation, which is the core of our philosophy and the reason why our company leads the market
  • The future of the meat market, which we aim to shape and not just follow

STELMA’s services are multifaceted and address the following professionals:


  • Analysis of the meat market’s features
  • Promotion and sales of the products produced by the suppliers
  • Design, marketing and launch of new products
  • Prompt consultation services as far as the pricing strategy and assurance of reliability of current and future imports are concerned
  • Substantial and critical contribution to the payment of invoices by the importers


  • Provision of all necessary information to ensure a safe and timely shipment of the transported meat products. See all our partners here


  • Provision of continuous information on the status of both the Greek and the European meat market, with a greater focus on the European meat market
  • Guidance for purchasing safe products
  • Guarantees regarding the quality and hygiene
  • Insurance guarantees to the supplier regarding the payment of the imported invoices