The history of AB Krekenavos agrofirma dates back three decades, to the time when a pig farming complex established in Krekenava town was the largest across the entire country. The production of meat products began in 1993, when a meat processing plant was built.

Fresh meat

Currently, AB Krekenavos agrofirma is the largest fresh meat supplier in Lithuania, occupying almost a third of the country’s fresh meat market. Many of our fresh meat products are exported to Germany, Latvia, Estonia, Sweden, Great Britain, Ireland, Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Greece, Hong Kong, Spain, Italy, Poland, Malta, the Netherlands, Portugal, France, Slovakia, Slovenia, Finland, Switzerland, Ukraine and Hungary.

Company details

  • AB “Krekenavos agrofirma”
  • Tel:. +370 347 77 200
  • Fax:. +370 347 77 231
  • Company code 168586873, PVM kodas LT685868716
  • E-mail: sekretore@krekenavosagr.lt